The SupaMoto Stove

Based on our long-term experience with micro-gasification and pellets for cooking, and all the years of feedback from thousands of customers, we set out several years ago to develop a next generation micro-gasification stove for cooking.

The aspirational goal was to reach what many considered impossible: Tier-5 (highest level) on the World Bank ESMAP Multi-Tier Framework for Modern Energy Cooking Services. As evident from our tests at renowned Aprovechio laboratory, our technology has become a real break-through. The technology is based on precise software control and sensors. It has brought about three high-level innovations.

We truly believe this technology will be the basis for tens- if not hundreds of millions of people cooking in the future. The stove is also connected to Internet.

The first stoves are expected to be deployed in the field by Q1 2023. Key partners in the development have been Zemission (combustion design), Zenit (industrial design) and Sigma Software (IoT platform).

Stove picture

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