World BioEnergy article

Pellet cookstoves - An affordable and sustainable modern clean cooking .

Recommended by Berkeley

Berkeley Carbon Trading Project has recommended our carbon program with ixo as one with the highest quality.

Nature Journal citation

Supamoto is referenced as one of only two existing pro-health biomass stoves

Test laboratory Aprovechio newsletter

"I never thought that we would see a biomass stove come so close to meeting the aspirational PM2.5 WHO Emission Rate Target. To test a stove that easily meets the Intermediate PM2.5 Target is amazing.Mattias and the Zemission team have moved TLUD technology forward and it is a very valuable achievement!"

NexLeaf article describing the ECS IoT platform

“A new era of data availability in clean cooking”

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About ECS

SupaMoto - changing the world one meal at a time

Modern Energy Cooking report

“ECS is one of five leading companies”

Study on Sustainabile Pellet Production in Zambia

Karlstad University, Sweden, together with our help conducted peer-reviewed research on 12 different local biomass to see how well they would pelletize. It was published in magazine

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