Carbon Credits

Placing real value on impact is a necessary development in the coming decade, likely a multi-trillion USD sector. As of the recent Guardian article about low quality RED+ credits, the carbon credit sector is forced to start rejecting inflated and even fraudulent claims. There are at least a dozen pathologies to the existing carbon market, almost all of them potentially, effectively and elegantly resolved by Web3.

We are on the edge of launching one of the very first blockchain native, digital-MRV, real-time carbon credits with indisputable higher standard. It is based on millions of records of hard, verifiable data using Causal AI.

This will address some of the issues of the traditional carbon registries:

  • Cost of registering (making it inaccessible to SME players): at least 200k USD
  • Time of registering (typically 18-24 months)
  • Broker and middlemen fees (typically 15-30%+)
  • Lack of transparency (unclear what value flows back to individuals or entities generating the impact), who are making the transactions and status of each credit
  • Lack of ability to fractionalize
  • Lack of machine readable attributes embedded in the carbon credits (which reduces the need for oversimplification to reach “fungibility”)

Carbon credits, in the form of a “digital twin” downloaded to an app, can soon be purchased here.

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