Our Mission is to provide affordable, clean, renewable home energy for all

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Emerging Cooking Solutions was founded in 2012 with the idea of replacing charcoal with waste biomass pellets for cooking. At that time, we were one of the very few actors working with solutions switching to a clean fuel (such as pellets), rather than simply a more efficient stove using the baseline fuel (firewood and charcoal). Since then, World Bank's Multi-tier framework for Cooking and their definition of “modern cooking” and the cooking sector at large, have recognized the need to not just provide a more efficient stove (“do less harm”) but to provide a modern cooking solutions. This is synonymous with switching away from the baseline to a higher performing fuel.

Since the start, we have:

  • Pioneered pellet production in Zambia and research on local biomass suitable for making pellets;
  • Developed and implemented an Internet of Things platform, connecting stoves to internet;
  • Developed and soon to release a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform together with ixo blockchain, so that other companies can also tokenize (and monetize) impact;
  • Developed the world's highest performing biomass stove;
  • Expanded to Mozambique and Malawi;
  • Developed a “Cooking Energy Service Subscription” model, launched in May 2022, which maximizes on usage and allows users to save about 40-50% of costs compared with charcoal

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